Denis Nikolin: Stand Up Comedy in English

Dear english speaking people of Mostar, we have special treat for you! It’s time for stand up comedy in english with an amazing and a peaceful Russian comedian Denis Nikolin.
Denis Nikolin is a rising up-and-coming Russian comedian on international stand-up scene, co-founder and booker/MC of English Moscow Comedy, with more than 7 years of performing experience. Taken his act to 19 countries, Denis has developed his own style mixing his acting skills with deadpan deliveries, edgy and precise observations with his natural charm and wit, ability to laugh at himself and the world around him with a very constructive narrative of his sets, – which guarantees a very entertaining evening.
Being a charismatic yet repressed young man, this Russian comedian has already performed in the top comedy clubs of Europe and the UK, such as Stand-Up Club #1 Moscow, Stand-Up Store Moscow, Cosmic Comedy Berlin, Le Comedy Club Paris, The Stand Glasgow and Comics Club Bucharest, Klub Smeha 10ka. Headlining some of the shows and opening for other comedians, including Craig Campbell, Tony Law, Kai Humphries, Noman Hosni, Peda Bajovic, Sorin Pârcălab and Matt Davis. He was picked for the “Best of Fringe’19” show in The Stand Glasgow.
Denis did his first full run at Edinburgh Fringe in 2018, participated in Utrecht International Comedy Festival 2019 and going to perform at other festivals of 2019, including Maribor Lent Festival, Sziget Festival and, of course, Edinburgh Fringe 2019. He was going to expand his tour “Bad Russian” to Asia, planning to leave comfortable Europe alongside unpredictable Motherland and make people laugh in the warm and cozy Pacific area. Before Covid, of course.
Past two years Denis has spent in Russia preparing for an inv..another tour! Performing, acting, doing workshops for public speakers all over the country and opening his own “Laboratory of Humour” where he with his students experiment and try to create something new.
“Denis is an edgy and unpredictable talent with a sharp wit and a fearless approach that combines well observed Russian deadpan delivery with raucous and hilarious observations.” Sam Rhodes comedian and promoter at Sam Rhodes Comedy Explosion, London, UK
“Russian comedian Denis Nikolin speaks English more eloquently than most British people. He’s intelligent, original, and very funny. A highly-educated, clear-thinking artist with experience of working as a journalist too, Denis Nikolin is a treasure on the international comedy circuit. He doesn’t just use comedy to make people laugh, he builds bridges of empathy and understanding.” Dave Thompson, comedian, UK/Budapest
“Denis is a brilliant one-of a kind comedian who I have had the pleasure of working with on multiple occasions. His ability to win over an audience in a matter of seconds is a guarantee for a wonderful show which will leave any crowd in stitches! ” Tamas Vamos, Wein&COmedy, Vienna, comedian and promoter
“Denis Nikolin is an excellent stand up comedian and is now a rising star of the European comedy scene, including the UK, he is charismatic, naturally witty and very original, he has much to say and conveys his philosophy on life whilst making people laugh which is a precious skill to possess.” Geoff Whiting, comedian and founder at Mirth Control comedy, UK
Denis is a truly original and funny act. He had the crowd in stitches and we look forward to him coming back.” Dharmander Singh, Cosmic Comedy Berlin
“He’s a fonny focker!!” Joey Burrell, audience member, Dunfermline, UK
Ticket price: 5 KM.
Info : 063 477 188 (whatsApp/Viber) or just write in inbox.
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